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We make life insurance simple.

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About Us

We believe that life insurance should be simple to understand, affordable, and most of all easy to purchase. At Afficiency, we eliminate the commissioned agent and let consumers purchase insurance directly and digitally in about 15 minutes online versus the traditional process that can take two months.

What We Do

We dramatically reduce the cost to acquire and maintain a life insurance customer. We do this by cutting out the middleman and using technology such as machine learning to find customers and match them to our product as well as completely digitizing underwriting and customer service.

With these savings, we can streamline the traditional underwriting process and keep prices affordable to the consumer.

How We Do It

Product Design

Our regulatory and compliance expertise guides insurance carriers through the filing process, accelerating the product launch

Marketing sales & Servicing

Our proprietary platform and key partnerships can market, sell & service this product from very same day the product is successfully filed. There are no significant set-up costs or investments. Beyond that, our customers will pay a variable service fee.

Actuary Expertise

This product can be priced and underwriting rules adjusted to match the risk tolerance level of our customers.


In the past many have tried to disrupt life insurance space without success. Our team has learned the lessons from those missteps. We bring together the requisite knowledge from the life insurance industry and combine that with expertise in technology, big data and cutting edge digital marketing.